Njoro Bible College was established in July 1993 – property registered in the name of APOSTOLIC FAITH CHURCH BIBLE COLLEGE – purchased with assistance of Africa Missions and is an affiliate of Apostolic Faith International Theological Department.

It is a Bible College that builds very effective Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers of God’s word. We present Biblically based Pentecostal Theological Education to fully equip believers for the Kingdom Ministry.

Graduates of Njoro Bible College are disciplined; they are strong builders of the body of Christ and present the Gospel full of God’s Kingdom (God and His dominion). They prevail over situations and give birth to strong and productive churches.

We produce relevant and anointed Church workers who are capacity builders, with revolutionary touch on children, youth, married couples, single parents and all other groups in the world today.

This training is available for all who have the zeal to serve God and bring remarkable impact on lives of all people in local churches, and missions: This include Pastors, Youth Leaders, Children, Workers, Deacons, Elders, Pastors Wives, Chaplains, Primary and Secondary School Teachers, University Lecturers, Church Administrator, Women leaders, Church Planters etc.

We also desire to build ministry in Professionals who work as Civil Servants, “Parastatals, Private Companies, Industries, who desire to serve God, while still pursuing their careers. We believe in flexible ministry, whereby teachers, managers and other professionals can work in their institutions and at the same time be effective pastors and managers of the Church of God.


Welcome in the Name of Our Lord JESUS CHRIST


  • FULL TIME at Njoro Bible College
  • DISTANCE LEARNING through Njoro Bible College: You study where you are, report to the college for guidance etc.
  • EVENING CLASSES at Njoro Bible College
  • HOLIDAY CLASSES at Njoro Bible College (During public school holidays)


  1. CERTIFICATE: Those who apply for Diploma Training at NJORO BIBLE COLLEGE but did not have entry requirement for the diploma. They will initially receive a certificate level grade. Church lay workers who has experience and call, but with low academic qualifications.
  2. ORDINARY DIPLOMA IN THEOLOGY: This diploma is awarded to the students who follows through the diploma study programme but only complied to the requirements of Njoro Bible College
  3. ADVANCED DIPLOMA IN THEOLOGY: Fully Internationally accredited degree to be offered at Njoro Bible College.
  4. BACHELOR in THEOLOGY DEGREE: Fully Internationally accredited degree to be offered at Njoro Bible College.

*The initial bunch of graduates in Bachelor in Theology degree were trained under the programme offered by Auckland Park Theological Seminary (2015-2018) in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Rev. David Mutemwa – Dip Th, BTh, (Auckland)

Former Principal: Njoro Bible College

A dynamic man with a strong calling. He has a very articulate academic mind and deep rooted calling. He was called into the ministry in early years (youth), planted several churches in Apostolic Faith Zambia. He has been trained in Auckland Theological Seminary. He has a very good reputation back in Zambia and in South Africa. He is visionary. He has obeyed the voice of God concerning raising Apostles, Pastors, Evangelists at Njoro Bible College for Kenya-and all East and Central Africa Nations.

Dr. L. J. Erasmus
Dip Th, BA, BTh (Hons) MTh, DTh (Unisa)
Development Facilitator & Patron

Re-known, seasoned and a leading theologian in Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa – with a burden for Kenya and East Africa. Dr. L. J. Erasmus is the Chairman of the  Theological Training Department in Apostolic Faith Mission International.


Rev. Tendai Munemo (An Apostle: South Africa)

Pastor at Apostolic Faith Mission of S A
Development Partner: Njoro Bible College


Rev. S N Kiarie : Dip in Mission, BA (Kenya)

Administrator/ Acting Principal

Njoro Bible College

With a deep rooted calling. She is also the Secretary of Central Region, Parish Treasurer of Kikuyu Parish and Senior Pastor in-charge of Thogoto Assembly.

For more information write to us:

Principal, Njoro Bible College
P.O. Box 290 Code 20115
Egerton University, Njoro