Welcome to Apostolic Faith Church in Kenya.

Bishop Peter Gatimu

Apostolic Faith Church has it’s root from Azusa Street revival of 1906. We believe that the Church is the channel through which the Holy Spirit operates to extend the Kingdom of God, and edify the saints in the Word of God.

We are grateful to the LORD for placing us in this season, in the world, with foundation and vision for great revival. The Church is spread all over Kenya with over 400 strong branches, our Pastors are reliable and prospective – in calling and character.

Currently, we have Fifteen Regions, and Seventy Parishes in Kenya. Three well constituted assemblies form a Parish – some parishes have even up to 12 assemblies with Parish Minister and several ordained Pastors to facilitate effectiveness of the ministry. Three well established Parishes can be organized in to a Region.

Currently we have embarked on 10,000 capacity modern Conference center at Kikopey, Gilgil (along Nakuru Highway). It will be the largest conference center in central and western part of our Republic. This includes Conference Hall which now (2018) can hold 5,000 and TWO multi-storey hostels. The LORD has revealed His way to the Overseer – Bishop Peter Gatimu – whereby through covenant giving, church members get connected with God’s riches, and can give enormous amount of money, beyond their social status, based on covenant walk with God, in businesses and faith. It is a glorious divine phenomenon, where God raises people and establishes glorious altars (Church development) on earth.

We desire that our Church will be powerfully revolutionized in evangelism and discipleship. We are teaming up in oneness of prayer and purpose. Every Pastor and church members to concentrate on management process of Church internal numerical growth as a “well engraved” policy and lifestyle of Church growth. Every member to win (and establish) FOUR new members annually (every year). We will consistently engage on very practical training and motivation.

On geographical growth, we have “Decade” policy called “MAVUNO MIAKA KUMI” [Harvest Ten Years]. In ten Years, every Parish to strategically plant six strong Churches. Every strong local branch (Assembly) to establish at least five strong churches. This will be accompanied by training, confirmation and induction of visionary Pastors, who have Apostolic commitment of “giving birth” to members and Churches.

Apostolic Faith Church has undergone metamorphosis of growth, where each step was marked by unique challenges. Our leaders boldly faced every challenge(the church being virtually indigenous). This has produced “tried and true” administration, and membership that purely desire God and His will. We have embarked on unity in extraordinary prayer and ministry. We have reverted back to real practice of the foundation of Apostles. There is a forward thrust into deeper glory and experience of the “MIND OF GOD” now, with open readiness for glorious revival, just as it was on the Day of Pentecost: “…they were all in one accord in one place, suddenly there came a sound from heaven…” [Acts 2:1,2]

Welcome, join us in this breakthrough.

God bless you!

Bishop Peter Gatimu

General Overseer: Apostolic Faith Church Kenya.