After elaborated and divers exposure at grass root level of church work; we have a unique brand of counseling known as “experiential counseling”.

This involves knowledge, experience and gift of counseling interpreted very well to guide all people into real deliverance of God’s will the form of counseling has truly brought in many members who feel to be real home when the life issues are well addressed through counseling and the power of the Holy spirit.

We have effective premarital counseling that comes at least 15 lessons.

  1. 3 Stages of Marital Life.
  2. 6 Areas That You Can Marry
  3. Sex? Gift Of Sex In Marriage
  4. Experience During Pregnancy
  5. Social Life In Marriage
  6. Financial Management In Marriage
  7. Growth Of Love In Marriage
  8. Understanding Your Partner In Marriage
  9. Middle Life Crisis
  10. Children :Without Share Marriage
  11. Dialogue In Marriage
  12. Conflict Solving In Marriage
  13. Personality Temperament  Right Understandings
  14. Spiritual Life In Marriage
  15. Marital Roles In Marriage  

We also offer  very dynamic counseling on youth , students and parents , single parents, married couples, crisis issues, finances , business…..this have produced deep healing and restoration.

Our pastors are available for deliverance and counseling work .We insist that pastor should be available to release the “real gift” and “real ministry”.

You cannot delegate a gift, a calling. Church elders and leaders are burden bearers with the pastor.

They are also trained to handle issues in departments and home churches. We motivate all members and manage them very well- especially by nurturing gifts and placing them rightly.