Founded in 1997 by the Executive council of the Church, Brothers’ Union Fellowship is to:

  • Plan and promote a program for men in the church that will bring: Growth to the spiritual life of the church and Assist the Church in it’s outreach to the needy and lost.
  • Promote family heritage in homes and the church as God commanded in Deuteronomy 6:6,7. “And these words… shall be in your heart , teach children, talk as you sit, as you walk, lie down as you rise up”.
  • To unite all saved men (believers) in our church in fellowship and Christian service; following the vision, constitution and the teachings of the Apostolic Faith Church, Kenya.
  • To form a “discipleship touch” program that keeps all brothers united and with a feeling of belongingness to Brothers Union, Church, and Pastor – standing with all brothers in time of need etc. Set goals every year – of growth and project, and doing followup until these goals are achieved effectively.
  • To inspire all Young Brothers into good, stable life and ministry.
  • Be an example in giving, commitment to church program and right living.
  • Build the capacity of every man: as a strong member, capacity in Faith and finances.
  • Make sure that network of fellowship is active and strong enough to keep Brothers Union in strength and powerful flow of gifts – to keep every man in faith and ministry.


  • DISCIPLESHIP PROGRAM FOR BROTHERS UNION – Organize a special membership and discipleship program to make all men disciples of Christ and our faith in Him.
  • Be a blessing to the home – home of a believer.
  • Be a blessing to the church in giving, enhancing Church Program etc
  • Be a blessing to the pastor and his family
  • Be a blessing to the surrounding community or village
  • Be a blessing to our nation and our national mission

Activities for Men’s Fellowship:

  • National Men’s Conference
  • Men’s retreats
  • Evangelism meetings: Crusades and Open airs
  • Couple’s dinners
  • Special Sunday for men fellowship
  • Couples seminars