Glorify the Living God, proclaim His Kingdom by preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit, improve lives and promote strong fellowship of church members.


  1. CAPACITY BUILDING FOR OUR MISSION: It is infallible, and final authority in all matters of life. In interpretation, teaching and application of the Bible (the WORD of GOD), we do not go beyond the evidence it offers.
  2. JESUS CHRIST: OUR STRENGTH AND MESSAGE: We see CHRIST as the ONLY hope of destroying SATANISM, HUMAN REBELLION, SEXUAL PERVERSION and CURSES. The power of His resurrection, that destroyed death and all rights of Satan – is the only weapon in the hands of Saints. We have fire in our souls that all should get saved. It is the fire in our altar that should burn always Leviticus 6:12.
  3. ATTITUDE IN OUR MISSION: CHRIST IS THE ANSWER: Christ is the only LORD, and hope of lost people; there is no other way to destroy sin: Acts 4:10-12, John 14:6. 1 John 3:8. It is in CHRIST, where sin and the nature of sin is totally broken. All people must now get SAVED, no one should be outside CHRIST. We release “acceptable year” : Luke 4:18, Time is fulfilled, the Kingdom of God is at hand, repent and believe the Gospel Mark 1:15. These are THREE components of the evangelistic message of CHRIST. It is only in CHRIST, where there is REAL power for DELIVERANCE, true love, true fellowship and satisfaction of the heart. In CHRIST, we have true miracles that transcends human limits and reasoning. These miracles create faith and brings reality of the true God.
  4. TEAMWORK IN MISSION WORK: Extraordinary unity in prayer and service is key to revival: we value teams in all missions and church work. We train our people to fast and pray, have pure heart in ministry and avoid criticism in LORD’S work. We support and complement one another to achieve our mission. Mark 1:35, Acts 2:42.
  5. STRONG AND ACTIVE LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT OF EFFECTIVE WORKERS AND LEADERS: To facilitate establishing and managing mega churches (large membership). To be a CHURCH ORGANIZATION with active prophetic anointing, fear of God, and consistent operation of administration, leadership and ministry – in all levels. To keep real respect and submissive “hearts” in all levels of our church administration.
  6. STRATEGIC CHURCH PLANTING PROGRAM: To execute strategic church planting plans in key centers, with contemporary evangelistic and apostolic impact. This will give birth to strong and very influential church branches all over Kenya, and regions beyond our national boundaries; where all cultures and tribes shall meet and bow to CHRIST.
  7. ATTAIN STABLE STATURE OF MATURITY: We are called to reveal the victorious revelations of the word of GOD (Colossians 1:25-28) to our generation: to build an army of mature believers, bring them from “milk” to “meat”, “religion” to the “reality of the living God.”
  8. TRAINING FOR SPIRITUAL WARFARE:  We are called to train believers become skillful in righteousness, stand firm in the spiritual warfare against the Kingdom of darkness. (Hebrews 5:12-14, Ephesians 6:10-18).
  9. RENEWED AND REFRESHED CHURCH MINISTRY:CONTINUITY: Local Pastor or Parish Minister will continually raise, confirm and train new gifts and new workers especially from the growing youth – in order to: to have people serve God in their “prime life”; to release maximum strength into LORD’s work and keep continuity.
  10. STRENGTHEN MARRIAGES AND BUILD FAMILY MINISTRY: Build holy and strongly covenanted marriages. Establish a very successful and powerful children and youth ministry. Be a family focused ministry – since family is the key unit of the society. We will offer MENTORSHIP and DISCIPLESHIP to all our YOUTH, to a level of becoming real WINNERS of OUR GENERATION. Psalms 89:1, Deuteronomy 6:4-9, Psalms 71:18,78:6.


To win people, build believers, and send workers (reaching souls and developing winners).